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Concept of TBC is based on public cryptocurrency. Similar to the most popular BTC(BitCoin) it also has no physical existance. The transaction is peer to peer and can be viewed by anyone. Block chain shows all the transaction real time. Read more...

Today is a monumentally historic day; the value of TBC grew by ten thousand times for the 1st time since the day we launched on March 21st, 2016. The original Stake Holders that purchased 100 Euros of TBC on the day we launched are now Millionaires. 100 Euros multiplied by 10,000 in growth equals a Million. The math is undeniable! When the value of something increases by 5% daily, it only takes 6 months for that value to increase by 10,000. That means, here at TBC where the value of our coin continues to increase by 5% daily, at any time you could purchase 100 Euros of TBC coins and 6 months later you will automatically become a Millionaire. So, it really doesn't matter how many TBC coins you get for 100 Euros, all that matters is that you hold on to them for 6 months. This will always be true within the Millionaire Zone. The growth of the value of TBC coins maxes out at one Billion Euros per TBC coin. So, as long as the Current Price of TBC is 100,000 Euros or below, you are purchasing within the Millionaire Zone. The Stake Holders that purchased 100 Euros worth of TBC on the second day after our launch will be Millionaires tomorrow. Those that purchased on the 3rd day will be Millionaires the day after that. If a Stake Holder waited for a week after the launch to make their purchase, then a week from now, they will be Millionaires too! If they waited a month, then a month from now, they will become Millionaires just like the rest. If you haven't purchased any TBC coins yet, and decide to purchase 100 Euros worth of TBC coins today, then six short months from now, you will automatically be a Millionaire then too. We will be, within the Millionaire Zone, until April 2nd, 2017. As each of us spread the message of abundance to all that desire to become Millionaires, no doubt we can reach the target of one billion verified members before the 2nd of April, 2017. That way, we will create one billion Millionaires by October 9th, 2017. This will change the world as we know it. TBC as a currency can lift humanity out of poverty. That is our Mission! TBC is not controlled by any government or bank. TBC is unstoppable! As we spread the wealth of TBC, we are also educating the masses about the truth about money and how the Elite have created this financial mess we find ourselves in today. TBC is the simplest solution to all of the financial woes of this world. By one simple agreement, we can unite humanity to receive abundance and end poverty globally. You no longer need to live your life in fear and doubt. TBC has cleared a path for the average person to rise up financially; and it is so easy to get onto this path. A one-time purchase of TBC is all it takes to break free from the stress of living under a low income. TBC is already turning poor people into rich people. Even if you are not poor, TBC has the power to lift you up regardless of your current socioeconomic status today to a much higher place than you could ever hope to achieve on your own. Being a part of a community of caring people that are determined to end poverty, and to lift everyone into a state of abundance is an absolutely amazing experience. This movement of people is unique and very special and you are witnessing history in the making. It's been my pleasure to document this history and share my enthusiasm for TBC with you. As I have said before, buy as much TBC as you can afford today. The price of TBC will never be this low again!

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BitCoin $1 BTC 85/- 75/- $1 1EYHMEBEoyAZQXmh3HqSUSHGjvdsxb324H
Perfect Money $1 PM 78/- 70/- $1 U2401861
Payeer $1 75/- 70/- $1 P5060555

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