Scam Crypto Currency

The following table shows a list of Scam or hacked Crypto Currency.

So many times either Developer of that particular Crypto Currency or a group of expert hacker generates unlimited no of coins. Once in the year 2010 the very beginning of BitCoin also seen the similar phenomenon which is called value overflow. But bitcoin finally able to discard that transaction and back to its own way. Every Day such transaction discarding by the system. Check one Recent Dropped / Replaced Transaction. Read More...

How people making fraudulent transactions

Livecoin revealed how people creating successful fraudulent transactions.

FirstCoin news
Created 16.02.2018 16:26
Dear clients, please withdraw your FRST coins til 26/02/2018. FRST will be delisted on that date.
The reason for delisting is requests from police authorities from at least 2 countries

at this moment and 1 open case. We're not authorized to disclose any details of requests or case,
please don't ask us, we can't do that.
The only one thing we can say is that we are fully cooperated with legal authorities,
because we are strictly against using of our platform to money laundering,
financing of terrorism, or any other illegal activity.

Another reason is reversed (declined) transactions. We'll try to explain in plain.
If you control the network of any coin, you can send a transaction to recipient
(to Exchange, for example),wait for processing and crediting of this transaction
and then make a fork to remove this transaction from blockchain.
Thus you double your money, because your account on Exchange still has this transaction.
This is what happened with FRST network not once, but constantly.
We don't know who is responsible for this fraud,
malefactor or legal owner, but outcome is the same in both cases.

You can check the examples of such transactions:
TX ID: e7db732aaf75c5a32d79356c1a6a7802c4de009c1dcbdfdbc06a36334e9b93cc
Date: 2018-02-01 10:02:58
Amount: 3590
Confirmations: 57

TX ID: c073faf55f2355d3db312f1bd4d620945ceb0d8812a67735f0eca56e3f41172b
Date: 2018-01-18 23:02:30
Amount: 1067
Confirmations: 85

TX ID: 3a212133c571c4a617057e0194e559d151858135b9f04ff6a437e11c9f07701d
Date: 2018-01-17 16:26:50
Amount: 769
Confirmations: 87

TX ID: 891798099093eb7c867338c8b18a57105e9e64e15fb4785ece1a2f6e556a2a5e
Date: 2018-01-17 18:22:34
Amount: 769
Confirmations: 110

You can check them in blockchain and if you find one,
click on the block hash to discover -1 confirmations (rejected block). 
Ticker Name Contract
HDG Hedge 0xffe8196bc259e8dedc544d935786aa4709ec3e64
CTC CARBON TOKEN CLASSIC 0xf1d9139c6512452db91f25635457b844d7e22b8b
ETN EtherNex 0x0b3dd26b80fd679af3fec73b1e60eb716c311b72 Proof of weak cock 0xec3afd63f1c0633b98b2eaa7f0f80407426066ec
HXG Hexagon 0xb5335e24d0ab29c190ab8c2b459238da1153ceba
UGT UGToken 0x43ee79e379e7b78d871100ed696e803e7893b644
BEC BeautyChain 0xc5d105e63711398af9bbff092d4b6769c82f793d
SMT SmartMesh 0x55f93985431fc9304077687a35a1ba103dc1e081
AI PolyAi 0x5121e348e897daef1eef23959ab290e5557cf274
COSS COSS 0x65292eeadf1426cd2df1c4793a3d7519f253913b
XMRG Monero Gold 0x0f598112679b78e17a4a9febc83703710d33489c
FUDD DimonCoin 0xde39e5e5a1b0eeb3afe717d6d011cae88d19451e
CTCOLD CARBON TOKEN CLASSIC 0x52514e3acaeb06cab050a69b025083082ebe5b54
EETHER EETHER 0x00a0cbe98e4d110b0fa82646152d77babf2951d0
DRP2 Digital Rupiah 0x22c10728343e9d49ef25080f74a223878a3d4052
BOPTOLD blockoptions 0x9cb9eb4bb7800bdbb017be2a4ffbeccb67454ea9
10MTI 10MT Investment token 0x9742fa8cb51d294c8267ddfead8582e16f18e421
B2XOLD BTC2X 0x6e58b4c41cab75dc0239938bf5455ab8823ee4de

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