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You have tried month after month for selling your tbc- The Billion Coin at offical trading site. But unfortunately unable to sell even $0.00000001. Dont waste your time trying and trying but failure all times. This is because btc is sold on daily basis between $0.05 to $0.08 Since 27th September 2016. Whereas seller placing their bid in between 15000 tbc to 25000 tbc so your chance to sell 0.00000001 in a year. Try selling at the price in which other people buy. We are buying your tbc smaller value than other people buy from us. So sell all of your tbc today. Contact us using the live chat or whatsapp for better price.

Automatic Exchange is coming soon. Please contact us for current stock.

E-Currency Quantity Exchange Rate Our Wallet
TBC 1 TBC Trading here Contact Us
BitCoin 1 BTC $2200 1EYHMEBEoyAZQXmh3HqSUSHGjvdsxb324H
Perfect Money $1 PM 65/- U2401861
Payeer $1 60/- P5060555
PayPal $1 60/-
Payza $1 60/-
Skrill/MoneyBookers $1 60/-

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