TBC Police

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A new concept introduced in cryptocurrency of TBC is called TBC Police.

1) What is TBC Police?

TBCPOLICE is all out to hunt down discounters and any form of discounting in the TBC community.Learn More

2) Mission of TBC Police?

Mission of TBC Police is to eradicate Discounters and Scammers and also to put an end to every fraudulent activities in The Billion Coin Community.

Is TBC Ponzy Currency or CryptoCurrency?

Crypto Currency

Ponzy Currency

TBC wallets are offline for a reason please their shouldn't be cause for alarm or panicking, this is because we are getting the backlogs for older transactions to be comfirmed and complete at this moment. When wallets are back online all pending transactions should be marked confirm and complete except you had been flagged a discounter and your coins have been seized by TBC police.

Disclaimer:It may violates or impose tax on you depending on your country's law to Buy or Sell TBC or other virtual / Digital Currency, Public Cryptocurrency.